B36TC Bonanza


Beech 36TC Bonanza

This blue-chip aircraft investment should definitely be on your short list if you’re looking for a turbocharged single and have the bucks for it.

The Beech Bonanza has always been considered the very top of the line in single-engine aircraft, and the top of the Bonanza line for almost 20 years have been the A36TC and B36TC turbocharged long-fuselage straight-tail models, which remain in production to this day. (The normally aspirated 36 is really in a different class and that’s why it’s covered in the previous chapter.)

The 36 turbos offer a sizeable cabin, good high-altitude cruise numbers and the security of the straight-tail design. They have held their value extremely well. But the A model had serious range shortcomings, and both aircraft tend to run hot and fall short of rated engine TBO times.

Among the many improvements of the B36TC over the A model are longer wings, higher gross weight and fuel capacity

Performance Data Dimensions
Cruise Speed (knots): 190 Average Empty Wt (pounds): 2338
Stall Speed (knots): 57 Gross Wt (pounds): 3850
Range in Nautical Miles: 957 Fuel Regular (Gallons): Not Available
Service Ceiling (feet): 25000 Fuel Max (Gallons): 102
Rate of Climb (feet per minute): 1049  
Take over 50 foot obstacle (feet): 2364  
Landing over 50 foot obstacle (feet): 1692  
Take Off Normal (feet): 1156  
Landing Normal (feet): 976